Speaking Loudly

So a new study has concluded that our personalities tend to remain the same throughout our lives.

No shit, huh? 

I have it on good authority that another study will be released next week indicating that humans tend to wake up at approximately the same time every day (particularly Monday through Friday), and that infant boys are more apt to be dressed in blue than other colors. 

What I’m saying is that you don’t need to misappropriate the scientific method to unequivocally determine the average lifespan of an American soldier deployed to Iraq is lower than similarly situated men and women in, say, Nebraska.  Well, apparently those of us who are lucky enough to draw a college professor paycheck do.  But (as usual), I digress..

A friend of mine in a particular service profession used to levy a “surcharge” on mustachioed men, simply because he didn’t like them.   $90 for everyone else, $125 for W.B. Mason.  

I, on the other hand, have nothing against Mr. Mason.  I’ve been known to wear a mustache from time to time myself, if only to annoy the wife (the Hitler inspired piece being my greatest and shortest lived dalliance into upper lip hair). 

My own prejudice is against people who speak loudly.  I have yet to institute a surcharge against them - but they make me… suspicious.  It seems to me that when someone forms a habit of speaking loudly, the underlying purpose is to mask the fact that they have very little of interest to say.  Anecdotally, the stupidest people I have been unfortunate enough to meet have often been the loudest.  It’s almost like the sheer strength of their verbosity is supposed to make what they say both true and relevent.  I never buy anything from them – and I’ve done ok with that rule.

So it struck me as odd that the aforementioned study seems to not only consider speaking loudy a positive trait, but places those people in the same category as those who “show interest in intellectual matters”.  As opposed presumably to people who speak in a normal voice and must only be interested in the weather.

The only explanation I can think of is that perhaps showing interest in intellectual matters is separate and distinct from actually understanding them.

Or maybe I’m just the stupid one…

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